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WellSprings Specialty Camping


These spaces are only available by following the instructions below

Please do not call the WellSprings office they are not able to register RV or Tipi spaces for the festival.



PAYMENT:  These spaces are only available to festival goers.  Participants MUST register for camping through the festival first and then book an RV Space/Tipi after camping tickets have been purchased for each person staying in the structure.  After paying for a full camping ticket through the festival event attendees can follow the instructions below and book their RV or Tipi space for an additional $20 per night by following the link below.  For any questions contact

Small RV's:

We have 14 spaces for small RVs to park. Your RV must be under 24ft. to fit into the designated spaces. No hook-ups are provided. Due to limited parking, these are the only space available for RVs at the festival. If you are planning on traveling in an RV to the festival you must reserve an RV space or you will not be able to park your RV at the festival site due to limited parking. 



$20 per space, plus $20 per person



We currently have 3 Tipis for rent, for details on Tipis click here


$20 per space plus $20 per person


On the first page that comes up, you must enter the promo code Relaxpansion. If you do not enter that promo code you will not be able to book the space. 


On the date selection screen you need to select the option "Dome, Tent, Car Options" and then select "meadow/car camping" for RV space rental. RV Space rental is considered Car Camping when registering.


These spaces are only available to festival attendees starting Friday, June 24, checking out Monday, June 27. If you wish to make a reservation outside of those dates you will need to make a separate reservation through the Wellspring general website


These reservations are non-refundable

and non-transferrable

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